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Feb 21, 2018

Marina Moraitis (second from left) joined more than 2,000 other tartan-clad runners in Perth’s World Record Kilt Run in June 2017. Fellow kilt-runners included (left to right) Susan Sami, Georgette Houle and Hayley Claassen. Photo by Ian Hunter.   Marina Moraitis has a collection of “bling” – medals she’s won from running road races. Her […]

Feb 14, 2018

Recreation therapists take patients to places like Ottawa Senators games, so they can learn about building accessibility and how to get places using ParaTranspo. February is Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Month.   What’s it like going to an Ottawa Senators game in a wheelchair? How accessible is the restaurant where you are meeting your friends? How […]

Feb 7, 2018

Fran Cosper had three physiotherapy sessions a week in The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre pool. “There’s something about visually seeing yourself walk and move in a weightless environment – it’s a mind-body connection,” said Cosper, who walked out of the centre in October. “That’s when the mind realizes ‘it’s possible.’ If you can visualize it, […]

Feb 1, 2018

Patient Cathy Chapman (left) and her sister, Enid Holohan, discussed her clinical trial treatment with Clinical Research Coordinator Saara Ali (right). Chemotherapy wasn’t working for Cathy Chapman. However, a genetic test identified a specific gene mutation that meant she could take part in a new cancer drug trial. Chapman was diagnosed with colon cancer in […]

Jan 31, 2018

Donna Jakowec embraced running as part of her mental therapy while going through cancer treatment.   By Donna Jakowec I realize now that it wasn’t just a journey to heal my body. It was also a journey to heal my emotional and mental state. Here are some highlights… and some lowlights. But I have come […]

Jan 24, 2018

Peter Ringlet said his wife, Brenda Ringlet, often talked about organ donation and wanted to help those in need. After she passed away, he worked with hospital staff to ensure her wishes were granted. Ronnie Gavsie (left), President and CEO of Trillium Gift of Life Network, and Katherine Cotton, chair of the hospital’s Board of […]

Jan 17, 2018

Dr. Lynn Megeney’s research team found that the protein cardiotrophin could repair heart damage and improve blood flow in animal models of heart failure. Sharon MacDonald’s parents taught her to finish what she started. But living with heart failure has taught her a different philosophy. “Pace yourself,” said the 68-year-old Ottawa resident. “If you can’t […]

Jan 10, 2018

Clinical Research Coordinator Nancy Tremblay takes blood samples from a patient as part of the clinical trial. When John Henry spent three weeks cycling across Great Britain last summer, he didn’t need to take along a three-week supply of antiretroviral pills for HIV. Instead, Henry receives an injection once every eight weeks. “Replacing daily pills […]

Jan 3, 2018

His colleagues use words like “humble,” “compassionate” and “inspiring” to describe a man who many view as larger than life. This photo essay offers a glimpse into a day of rounds with Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull at some of Ottawa’s shelters and hospices. After nine years as Chief of Staff at The Ottawa Hospital, Dr. Jeffrey […]

Dec 20, 2017

In recognition of his efforts to improve life-saving skills and services, Dr. Justin Maloney received the Meritorious Service Cross from Governor General Julie Payette in a ceremony at Rideau Hall on Dec. 12. Through the Advanced Coronary Treatment Foundation, Dr. Maloney has ensured that more than 3 million students have received CPR training. Photo courtesy […]