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Outpatient physiotherapy services are offered at many of the Ottawa Hospital sites.

The Riverside Campus offers physiotherapy services to outpatients primarily with orthopedic impairments. Please call The Riverside Campus at 613-738-8208 for more information.

The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre (TOHRC) physiotherapists offer services to outpatients with complex rehabilitation needs. A referral to a TOHRC physiatrist is needed in order to access these services.  Please call 613-737-8899 ex 75615 for more information.

The Cancer Center offers physiotherapy services for those with cancer-related conditions through the Psychosocial Oncology program.  Please call 613-737-7700 ex 70516 at the General Campus or 613-737-7700 ex 25200 at Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Center for more information.

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute outpatient physiotherapists provides cardiac rehabilitation to those with a cardiac diagnosis.  Please call 613-696-7068 for more information.

In most circumstances, a physician’s referral is required for outpatient physiotherapy services.

Last updated on: July 3rd, 2019