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World-class care at The Ottawa Hospital 

Cameron Love

The Ottawa Hospital and the delivery of patient-centered care have truly come a long way. Under the leadership of our previous CEO and my former colleague, Dr. Jack Kitts, The Ottawa Hospital is now recognized as a world-class health-care organization focused on delivering compassionate care to every patient who walks through our doors. But the transformation of health care at The Ottawa Hospital, and in our community, is far from over.  

As we build the future of world-class care, we will be guided forward by the health and wellness needs of our community and how we can provide excellent care to our patients for years to come.  

Building the future of health care starts now. We will continue to integrate care so it’s accessible to our patients when and where they need it. We will ensure care is value-based, where a patient’s quality of life is always at the forefront of everything we do. We will build capacity to meet the needs of our evolving community by growing our talented and engaged workforce, investing in new technologies to support world-class care and creating sustainable infrastructure at all of our campuses, including developing our new Carling site. We will lead in research and innovation to revolutionize care in our community and around the world.  

I am excited to be leading this journey with everyone at The Ottawa Hospital, but I also know that we can’t create this future without you. I look forward to working alongside our community members and patients as partners in health care to ensure the new era of world-class care meets our ever-changing needs and isn’t just a hope for the future, but a reality.  

Cameron Love

President and CEO

Last updated on: June 29th, 2020