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Social media is a great tool to share our stories and keep the community updated in real time. There are many Ottawa Hospital achievements, letters of appreciation and positive stories that are shared on Twitter and Facebook throughout the community. We want to showcase our talent and the exceptional care we provide at the hospital and we want to create a good source of pride for employees.

Posting ideas and opinions to websites and communities – whether they’re internal or external – is a great way to express yourself, to build relationships, and to learn. But it comes with risks – both to the individual and to The Ottawa Hospital. Simply because whatever ideas or opinions you share are immediately public and become written records. The Ottawa Hopsital takes patient privacy very seriously and will not respond to specific patient requests publicly. If you would like a direct response, please contact Patient Advocacy department with all concerns, complaints and compliments.

Guidelines for Social Media Participation

Click here to read the guidelines for Social Media Participation

Understand the medium
Recognize that websites are not personal, individual, or corporate. They are public spaces and the content you contribute will be available to the public for a long time. It’s wise to read and understand the rules of the site prior to posting content.

Be responsible
Remember that you’re responsible for all the content you publish. This means you’re legally and professionally responsible for it. Before you post something, consider the impact that your comments might have on your personal and professional reputation.

Be respectful
Treat the other participants on the site with courtesy and consideration. Don’t insult or use slurs or obscenities – they violate our policies and they make both you and the Hospital look bad.

If you don’t own it, be careful how you use it
Posting an image or an idea that is owned by someone else violates copyright law. As a general rule, if you’re referring to materials that you’ve seen on another site, it’s best to link to the material (not copy and paste it) and to state its source. The same holds true for published ideas or opinions.

Add value
Provide worthwhile information and be thoughtful in your views. If you stay focused on helping others learn and become more informed – rather than to draw attention to yourself or to simply vent – your views will be more appreciated and respected.

Social media users are responsible for all messages sent using their personal social media accounts. Messages sent via social media websites are not always private or secure and may be read by someone other than the intended addressee.


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Last updated on: July 15th, 2021