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To provide each patient with the world-class care, exceptional service and compassion we would want for our loved ones.


  • The Ottawa Hospital is a compassionate provider of patient-centered care with an emphasis on tertiary-level and specialty care, primarily for residents of Eastern Ontario.
  • The Ottawa Hospital educates future health-care professionals in partnership with the University of Ottawa and other affiliated universities, community colleges, and training organizations.
  • The Ottawa Hospital develops, shares and applies new knowledge and technology in the delivery of patient care through world-leading research programs in partnership with the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI).

The Ottawa Hospital also plays an active role in promoting and improving health within our community. The Ottawa Hospital collaborates with a wide range of partners to address the needs of the community and to build a strong, integrated system for regional health-care delivery.

The Ottawa Hospital functions in English and French while striving to meet the needs of the culturally diverse community we serve.

Core Values

  • Compassion
  • A Commitment to Quality
  • Working Together
  • Respect for the Individual

Our Promise to You

In keeping with the Ontario Government’s Excellent Care for All Act, The Ottawa Hospital is pleased to share its patient declaration of values.  The patient declaration of values will help the hospital continue to put patients first and move toward patient-centered care by clarifying what our community can expect from us as their hospital.

We, the employees, physicians, and volunteers of The Ottawa Hospital, are committed to providing each patient with the world-class care, exceptional service and compassion that we would want for our loved ones.  We hold ourselves accountable to high standards that are observable, measurable and apply to all departments and each and every role across our hospital.

The content of this document is based on feedback received from the various patient and community groups as well as The Ottawa Hospital’s staff and physicians.

  1. We will greet you warmly and introduce ourselves by name and role.
  2. We will listen with care and we will communicate clearly.
  3. We will ensure that you are cared for in the official language of your choice.
  4. We will be polite and respectful of your cultural values, personal beliefs, and abilities.
  5. We will treat you as the most important member of our patient care team and will include you and your family in decisions about your care.
  6. We will go out of our way to meet your needs and keep you informed by explaining what we are doing and letting you know what to expect.
  7. We will maintain the highest level of professional standards, skills, and competence.
  8. We will practice safe care in everything we do, from cleaning our hands to ensuring the safety of our environment, technologies, and processes. Your safety is our top priority.
  9. We will protect your privacy and maintain your personal dignity.
  10. We will acknowledge and apologize when a problem occurs. We will actively listen and correct the problem.

– Employees, doctors, and volunteers at The Ottawa Hospital

Last updated on: June 10th, 2020