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We are reshaping the future of health care

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Welcome to The Ottawa Hospital’s new strategic plan

A message from Cameron Love, President and CEO, Dr. Virginia Roth, Chief of Staff, and Claude Doucet, Chair, Board of Governors.

We are pleased to share with you our new strategic plan for The Ottawa Hospital, developed with the input of staff, physicians, patients, their families, and community members.

This is an iterative plan that will continue to evolve in response to our ever-changing social realities and priorities. This need to embed resilience and agility in our DNA was driven home by the pandemic, which also led us to rethink and reimagine The Ottawa Hospital’s role in our community, and in the health-care system itself.

We are

the people who care for you and are there for you, whenever you need us.

We are

your neighbours, your family, your friends.

Our vision

is to provide each patient with the world-class care, exceptional service, and compassion we would want for our loved ones.

At The Ottawa Hospital, we don’t just serve this community-we belong to this community, and that insight is at the heart of our ambitious plan for our shared future.

We are your doctors and nurses, your orderlies and technologists, your therapists, social workers, clerks, and custodians. Nearly 17,000 professionals in all, we represent an enormous diversity of expertise, experience, and cultures. In the coming years, The Ottawa Hospital will help reshape the future of health care to reflect 21st-century needs and innovations, looking beyond ‘the patient in the hospital’ to also support ‘the person in the community.’

We Will


the Quality of Care for Patients

We will help grow a healthy system based on integrated care for patients across our network of health and social partners.


the Power of People

We will foster an environment that inspires people so that they are filled with pride, affinity and accomplishment at work.


Our Social Responsibility

Everything we do in health care is engrained in a profound social responsibility to our community.  We will provide leadership in navigating a complex health system to improve the health of our diverse population and contribute to a healthier planet for all.



Pursue impactful, cutting-edge research to pioneer new treatments and tools that benefit patients and elevate further our leadership role in research and education globally.

Last updated on: November 9th, 2023