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Ignite the power of people


the Power of People

Strategic Direction 2

We will foster an environment that inspires people, so they are filled with pride, affinity, and accomplishment at work.

  1. Strategic priority – Create leaders of tomorrow – Develop human-centered leaders that live The Ottawa Hospital values and vision by actively engaging staff, physicians and volunteers in development, and by supporting them through continuing education, learning and mentorship.
  2. Strategic priority – Advance workforce planning and sustainability – Drive the future of health-care delivery through innovative models that support high-functioning team members to work to their full potential.
  3. Strategic priority – Support engagement and well-being to maintain a healthy workforce– Build an inspiring, engaging and safe environment where all team members can connect to the purpose and meaning of their work aligned to The Ottawa Hospital’s vision of caring for people like they would for a loved one.

Last updated on: March 29th, 2023