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Our Social Responsibility

Strategic Direction 3

Everything we do in health care is engrained in a profound social responsibility to our community. We will provide leadership in navigating a complex health system to improve the health of our diverse population and contribute to a healthier planet for all.

  1. Strategic priority – Advance Indigenous engagement – Continue on our journey to reconciliation to address the systemic racism, discrimination, and inequities pervasive in the health-care system and advance a culture of belonging so that everyone has equitable access, without discrimination, to safe health care that respects Indigenous People’s traditional and living knowledge in all aspects of their health.
  2. Strategic priority – Advance equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility – Address the systemic racism, discrimination and inequities pervasive in the health-care system and advance a culture of belonging for everyone where we foster accessibility, equity, diversity and inclusion that reflects the people we serve.
  3. Strategic priorityLead environmental stewardship in health care – Become a leader in sustainable health care, applying principles of planetary health to improve the well-being of our patients and our community, and contribute positively to a healthier planet.
  4. Strategic priority Ensure financially responsible stewardship and sustainability – Preserve financial strength and flexibility to enable world-class care through strategic financial planning and partnerships that support economic opportunities.
  5. Strategic priority – Harness community support – Acknowledge the trust and endorsement of a generous community and together with The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, build on this spirit of philanthropy and voluntarism to ensure that our community continues to have access to world-class care.

Last updated on: March 9th, 2023