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Enrich the quality of care for patients


the Quality of Care for Patients

Strategic Direction 1

We will help grow a healthy system based on integrated care for patients across our network of health and social partners.

  1. Strategic priority – Enhance our culture of patient partnered-care and meaningful engagement – Empower patients and their care partners as active participants in the care that we provide and entrust everyone working at The Ottawa Hospital with providing the best possible patient experience.
  2. Strategic priority – Improve access to care for all patients – Spearhead the development of new and innovative approaches to the delivery of care and leverage local partnerships to ensure our patients have access to the care they need, when they need it.
  3. Strategic priority – Expand partnerships across the care continuum – Build a strong, integrated system for regional health-care delivery in collaboration with a wide range of partners to address the needs of the communities we serve.
  4. Strategic priority – Drive the digital evolution in health care – Enhance health outcomes for the populations we serve through safe automation of care and business processes.
  5. Strategic priority Expand infrastructure development and modernization – Develop and maintain world-class infrastructure to support the needs of our community and advance health-care delivery.

Last updated on: March 29th, 2023