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The Ottawa Hospital and YouTube Health partner to increase access to health information in Canada

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Through evidence-based videos in English and French, this partnership aims to make health information more available for everyone.

In an effort to increase access to local health resources and information, The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) and YouTube Health have partnered to deliver quality health information to Canadians. Through videos in both English and French, TOH will develop critical information that Canadians need on a variety of common health conditions, including the common cold, HIV, infertility and meningitis.

“There is a need to make health information — especially in French — more accessible and readily available to folks in the community,” said Melanie Gruer, Chief Communications Officer at The Ottawa Hospital. “Partnering with YouTube Health allows our medical experts to connect with viewers and share information about common health conditions through a platform they are already familiar with.”

YouTube currently reaches 98 per cent of Canadians ages 18 years and older. This partnership will help ensure that local YouTube viewers have access to accurate and high-quality health information. Other conditions that will be covered in these videos include Alzheimer’s disease, appendicitis, fatty liver disease, myocarditis, anemia, coronary artery disease and many more. 

“Our focus at YouTube Health is to make high-quality health information accessible to all Canadians,” said Soneeka Patel, YouTube Canada’s Health Lead. “Through our partnership with The Ottawa Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Canada, we’ll be able to leverage the scale of YouTube to connect Canadians with health information that is both evidence-based and culturally relevant.”

The Ottawa Hospital is always focused on improving access to health resources. The partnership with YouTube Health is one way that we can deliver accessible, accurate and high-quality health information to viewers through a trusted platform.

For more information, please visit The Ottawa Hospital’s YouTube page.


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