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What can I do to get better?

“It was hard to do, but I’m glad I got help.”

Talk about it. Let a friend, a family member, a teacher or a doctor know about the problems you’re having and the changes you’ve noticed in yourself.

See a doctor. You might be scared to see a doctor but, if you tell the doctor what’s going on, he or she can help.

Contact On Track. We’re happy to answer all of your questions. And, if the On Track program isn’t right for you, we’ll help you to find the program or resource that is.

Find out about medications. Medications are an important part of treatment. They help to rebalance the chemicals in your brain and to get the symptoms of psychosis under control.

Get back on track. As you work with your treatment team and find the medication that works for you, you will be able to slowly try getting back into the activities you enjoy and resuming your normal routines.

Last updated on: December 12th, 2016