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Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy assistants and support staff of the Pharmacy Department provide compassionate care to inpatients and ambulatory care patients at The Ottawa Hospital. We promote and apply medication practices which enhance patient safety and maintain active involvement in education and research.

Our Services

Clinical pharmacy services are provided by pharmacists in most medical, surgical and critical care areas. Pharmacists are also involved in selected outpatient programs including Thrombosis, Immunodeficiency, Bone Marrow Transplant, Oncology, Nephrology and Diabetes Education.

As part of the health-care team, pharmacists are responsible for monitoring and optimizing drug therapy. We also support, initiate and conduct research to evaluate new drugs, practices and programs. We provide a dynamic learning environment and work with educational institutions to train pharmacy students, residents, technicians and assistants. We also promote and provide an active continuing education program to further improve our services.

Our Team

Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and assistants work in collaboration at The Ottawa Hospital. Pharmacists interact with other health- care professionals and provide clinical services for patients by using an evidence-based approach to monitor and optimize drug therapy outcomes. Pharmacy technicians and assistants play a central role in all aspects of drug distribution, support the conduct of drug research trials and interact with patients to document medication histories.

Team leaders include:

  • Mario Bédard, Director of Pharmacy
  • Céline Corman, Professional Practice Manager – Pharmacy
  • Jane MacKenzie, Manager of Operations, Civic Campus
  • Alexander Kuo, Manager of Operations, General Campus, Riverside Campus and The Rehabilitation Centre
  • Lesley Ng, Manager, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre and the Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre (IGFCC)
  • Dave Cecillon, Manager, Heart Institute
  • Kim Lamont, Supervisor Drug Distribution, General and Riverside Campuses
  • Natalie Bougie, Supervisor Drug Distribution, Civic Campus and Heart Institute
  • Samantha Wright, Supervisor Drug Distribution, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Center and the Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre (IGFCC)

Contact Us

Pharmacy services are offered at each of the General, Civic and Riverside campuses as well as at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, The Rehabilitation Centre, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre and the Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre (IGFCC).

Medical Pharmacies

The pharmacy is on the main level and offers a large selection of over-the-counter products for health and wellbeing, as well as bath and body products. The pharmacy also offers full prescription service.

General Campus Telephone:  613-731-9152
Civic Campus Telephone: 613-761-4157

  • Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Weekends Closed
  • Holidays Closed

To speak with a member of the Pharmacy Department please contact us at one of the following locations:

  • General Campus (613) 798-5555 ext. 78345
  • Civic Campus (613) 798-5555 ext. 14644
  • Riverside Campus (613) 798-5555 ext. 88210
  • The University of Ottawa Heart Institute (613) 798-5555 ext. 18721
  • The Rehabilitation Centre (613) 798-5555 ext. 75312
  • The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre (613) 798-5555 ext. 70125
  • Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre (613) 798-5555 ext. 25406

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