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Drug Distribution

Drug distribution systems at The Ottawa Hospital include unit-dose, traditional dispensing and ward stock supply and are complemented by a comprehensive centralized IV admixture program. Pharmacy technicians play an integral role in all aspects of the drug distribution system.

Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical pharmacy services are provided on most inpatient medical, surgical and critical care services by pharmacists who concentrate their practice in the area. Pharmacists are also involved in selected ambulatory care programs including thrombosis, immunodeficiency, bone marrow transplant, oncology and nephrology.

Drug Information Service

The drug information service is offered both within The Ottawa Hospital and to external clients via the Ottawa Valley Regional Drug Information Service.

Support for Clinical Drug Trials

A full range of services are provided by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to support the conduct of clinical drug trials within The Ottawa Hospital. These including randomization, blinding, specialized formulations, drug preparation and on-call services.

For more information, please visit the Standard Operating Procedures page and/or contact Alex Kuo at 613-737-8899 ext 72278.

Last updated on: April 3rd, 2020