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  • Virtual reality can help patients go on a getaway

    With help from virtual reality, patients undergoing cancer treatment at The Ottawa Hospital could soon take a virtual getaway from their hospital beds. Engineering students consulted with patient advisors to design these high-tech escapes.

  • Philanthropy has no age limits: six 11-year-olds raised money for breast cancer research

    Generosity has no age limits. Six Ottawa children presented their $247.95 donation for breast cancer research at the Rose Ages Breast Health Centre. The neighbourhood friends found clever ways to raise money by raking leaves, cutting grass, selling lemonade, and shoveling snow.

  • New Rose Ages Breast Health Centre a game changer

    Six years ago, Tanya O’Brien’s worst fear became a reality. “Hearing that you have cancer is like watching yourself in a bad movie…. Everything suddenly becomes a question. Is it everywhere? Will I die? What will happen to my family?” But the new Breast Health Centre offers hope.

  • Economics professor cancer-free after immunotherapy trial for skin cancer

    Dr. David Gray’s cancer was hiding in plain sight. When a pea-sized tumour on his cheek turned out to be Stage 3c melanoma, with a high risk of spreading, he decided to join a clinical trial that compared two immunotherapy drugs.