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  • A tale of two trials: cancer patient takes part in exercise and chemo-fog trials

    Marina Moraitis (second from left) joined more than 2,000 other tartan-clad runners in Perth’s World Record Kilt Run in June 2017. Fellow kilt-runners included (left to right) Susan Sami, Georgette Houle and Hayley Claassen. Photo by Ian Hunter.   Marina Moraitis has a collection of “bling” – medals she’s won from running road races. Her […]

  • My emotional and mental journey with cancer

    Donna Jakowec embraced running as part of her mental therapy while going through cancer treatment.   By Donna Jakowec I realize now that it wasn’t just a journey to heal my body. It was also a journey to heal my emotional and mental state. Here are some highlights… and some lowlights. But I have come […]

  • Meaghan Pearson

    For Mario and 5E team: Your team has made all of my stays at TOH the best they could possibly be. Anytime I hear that I am to be sent to 5E at the General Campus, a tranquil sense of happiness rushes over me. I know I am being sent to a sanctuary where everyone […]

  • The Ottawa Hospital Makes Steady Strides in Cancer Care

    July 17, 2014 – As the hub for cancer care in the Champlain health region, The Ottawa Hospital excels in a number of areas related to the diagnosis and control of the disease, according to the 2014 Cancer System Quality Index, an annual scorecard of Ontario’s cancer-care program. In breast-cancer detection, Champlain leads Ontario’s 14 […]