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Patient Parking

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a patient/visitor, where can I park?

Locations of parking lots

Civic Campus

View Civic map
P-1 (covered): north of the Main Entrance and south of Ruskin Street
P-2 (surface): north of Heart Institute and north of Ruskin Street
Alternative routes for patient drop-off
P-7 (surface): across from Emergency, off Carling Avenue
Parking meters are located close to most entrances

General Campus

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Critical Care Wing (CCW) Lot (surface): beside the Critical Care Wing
Parking garage (covered): beside the main entrance just off Smyth Rd
Lot 14 Rehabilitation Centre: near the Rehabilitation Centre entrance (limited space)
Parking meters are located at the main entrance to hospital

Riverside Campus

View Riverside map
Parking lot A (surface): outside the Main Entrance
Parking lot B (surface): outside main entrance to Medical Building at 1919 Riverside
Parking meters are located just outside of the main entrances of both buildings

Q: I need accessible parking. Where can I park?

A: All gated patient/visitor parking lots have accessible parking spaces. On-street accessible parking spaces are also available. Parking rates for these spaces are the same as other parking rates. Please refer to the maps above of our parking locations at each Campus.

Q: Where and how can I pay for parking?

A: To pay for your parking ticket that you received upon entry at the gate, you may pay inside the Campus at one of the pay machines or pay at the exit gate with a credit or debit card.

Q: I parked at one of the Parking Meters. How do I pay?

A: Option (1) – You may pay at the parking meter by following the steps on the screen.

    Option (2) – You may use the app by scanning the QR code listed on the parking meter with your mobile device. Or by downloading the app “Flowbird” on your mobile device and follow the instructions listed through the app.

Q: Where and how can I purchase a parking pass?

A: To purchase a patient/visitor parking pass you will have to go inside the hospital to one of the pay stations and press/tap on the intercom button. Which will direct you to an agent that will assist you in purchasing the pass.

Link to the video

Q: What are the parking rates for purchasing parking passes?


Short Term Parking Rates 
15 min to 30 min$4.25
30 min to 1 Hour$8.00
1 Hour to 1.5 Hours$12.25
Daily Maximum (to 11:59pm)$15.00

Discounted Patient and Visitor Parking Passes
Day Pass (to 11:59pm)$15.00
Weekly Pass 
7 Consecutive Days$50.00
Non-Consecutive Day Pass 
5 Days$37.50
10 Days$75.00
30 Days$225.00
Parking passes provides access, with in and out privileges, to patient and visitor lots at the
Civic, General and Riverside campuses of The Ottawa Hospital, and are transferable
between patients and their family.
Purchase all parking passes at pay stations only.
Non-consecutive day passes expire 1 year from date of purchase
All discounted patient and visitor parking passes are non-refundable.

Q: What are the parking rates for the parking meters?

A: $0.20 = 1 minute

     $24.00 = 120 minutes

Q: Where do parking revenues go?

A: All parking revenues go towards buying medical equipment and building new patient care environments.

Q: I just purchased a parking pass. What do I do with my ticket that I received upon entry?

A: If you have, prior to purchasing the pass, received a ticket upon entry at the gate, dispose of that ticket and use your pass when exiting and entering.

Q: I misplaced my parking ticket that I received upon entry at the gate. What do I do?

A: If you misplaced your parking ticket that you received upon entry at the gate, please go to one of the pay machines inside the hospital and press/tap on the “Lost Ticket” option and proceed with your payment.

Q: I misplaced/damaged my parking pass. What do I do?

A: If you have misplaced/damaged your parking pass, please go to one of the pay stations inside the hospital and press/tap on the intercom button to speak to an agent. Present your receipt or if you don’t have your receipt with you, spell out the last name used to purchase your parking pass and the agent will reprint your parking pass at the machine.

Q: Can I share my parking pass with my family members?

A: Yes, you may share your parking pass with your family members. Please note consecutive attempts to enter or consecutive attempts to exit a parking facility with a patient/visitor pass is not permitted.

Q: Will my Pass work at another Campus?

A: The pass may be used at all 3 Campuses of The Ottawa Hospital (Civic, General, and Riverside). Please ensure you use the pass when you enter and when you exit, never take a ticket from the gate.

Q: What are the hours of operation to speak to a parking agent?

A:  8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Q: My question isn’t here, who can I contact for further information?

A: Phone: 613-737-8899 Ext: 85600


Last updated on: April 5th, 2024