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TOH’s senior management team delivers value to our community

By Carole Workman

January 3, 2012 The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) today disclosed its CEO’s, Senior Vice-Presidents’ and Vice-Presidents’ contracts.

We released them for 3 reasons.

  1. We’ve established a track record of transparency and accountability in our relations with the community. We regularly publish quality and safety results, senior management team expenses and our annual salary and benefits disclosure. This is a logical next step.
  2. As the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act (FIPPA) comes into force for Ontario hospitals, many questions – such as those about executive contracts – will be asked. Hospitals must create a healthy environment within which to address such questions.
  3. Most importantly, we wish to assure our community that they receive excellent value from our leaders. Patients and citizens are encouraged to review these contracts in conjunction with our quality and safety results, as compared to peers in the academic health sciences sector.

Those who do so will learn that:

  • TOH CEO compensation ranks among the lowest of its peers.
  • TOH is a leader in Hospital Standardized Mortality Rate (HSMR):
    • Our rating of 91 means our care team saves more lives than normally expected.
  • TOH is a leader in “cost per weighted case”:
    • This means that TOH performs the same procedures as its peers, at a lower cost.
  • The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute is now ranked among Canada’s Top 5 health research institutes, enabling TOH to attract the best doctors and deliver world-class care

Naturally, we can do more. Ontario is the only province without formal guidance on executive compensation. We believe that guidance would be useful. We will work with the Ontario Hospital Association to develop a provincial framework to set compensation for executives.

In the mean time, TOH executive salaries continue to be set commensurate with the complexity and volume of the services we provide. Our team, led by Dr. Jack Kitts, is among the best.

Their leadership allows TOH to provide each patient with the world class care, exceptional service and compassion that we would want for our loved ones.

Carole Workman is Chair of The Ottawa Hospital’s Board of Governors.

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