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Annual report: read stories of compassionate care and groundbreaking research


Saving a life with a world-first stem cell procedure. Planning a patient’s memorable wedding. Making flash cards to help dementia patients communicate. Helping a First Nations community heal after a suicide crisis.

The Ottawa Hospital’s annual report for 2016-2017 celebrates the world-class care we provide to our patients every day.

It features a video of Anne Scott, who was on life support a dozen times because of a severe autoimmune disease. To save her life, Dr. Harry Atkins and Dr. Elizabeth Pringle treated her with strong chemotherapy followed by a transplant of her own stem cells. Ms. Scott was likely the first person in the world to undergo this procedure for her condition, and it has since helped many others with autoimmune diseases.

The annual report tells stories of compassion, including planning a patient’s memorable wedding, making flash cards to help dementia patients communicate and helping a First Nations community heal after a suicide crisis. It also highlights important discoveries about diagnosing asthma, how exercise may help heal the brain and how we can live longer, healthier lives. There are also cool facts, like how many babies were delivered this year and how many patients enrolled in clinical trials. You can find the report on The Ottawa Hospital’s website.

Check out the cool animated graphics, stories of compassion and important discoveries, financial facts and the video story of Anne Scott in the 2016-2017 Annual Report.


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