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An integral part of the organ donation process includes the support of the donor family. bears
The events leading to their loved one’s death can be sudden and unexpected.

Families of the organ donor are often left reeling in shock and disbelief, confusion and grief.
An important component of the donor family’s experience includes bereavement support.

At The Ottawa Hospital, bereavement support for donor families is provided by a multidisciplinary
team which includes critical care nurses, physicians, pastoral care, social work and organ
donation coordinators.

Bereavement support offered by the program includes:

  • Condolence cards which are sent out to each donor family following a donation;
  • Sympathy cards signed by the staff of each unit where the donor was cared for;
  • Christmas cards sent to all families whose loved one died in that calendar year.

The program recognizes the importance of acknowledging each family for their courageous and generous thoughts of others during a very difficult and painful time.

Last updated on: December 30th, 2016