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Our Teaching Environment

We are a Teaching Facility – what does that mean for patients?

universityofottawalogoOur team is known as The Ottawa Hospital Academic Family Health Team. Academic means that The Ottawa Hospital is a teaching hospital. As a teaching clinic, we are partnered with the University of Ottawa to train medical students and residents and other health-care professionals to the highest standard.

Receiving care in a teaching environment has many advantages. For example, teaching clinics have access to specialized services and advanced treatments that can help our patients. In order to provide continuity of care, all of our patients are assigned to one staff family doctor.

Because we are part of a teaching clinic, sometimes you may be seen by a resident. Residents are doctors who have finished their medical degree and are completing hands on post graduate training. Every effort will be made to book you with your family doctor or one of his/her residents. Residents who see patients are directly supervised by the clinic’s family doctors. Other health professional learners who see patients, such as a pharmacy resident or nurse practitioner student, are directly supervised by qualified health professionals within the same profession that are part of our clinic.

To ensure you receive high quality care, a resident may ask your permission to turn on the microphone and camera in the exam room to allow the supervising doctor to observe your visit. The monitors are observed by the supervising doctor only, and you may ask to have the camera turned off at any time during your visit. Please note that the camera will be turned off during examinations and when a patient is changing.

Meet the Team that supports our Teaching Program

Postgraduate Unit Program Directors

These positions are academic appointments by the Chair of the Department of Family Medicine (DFM) at the University of Ottawa.  The role is responsible for developing and monitoring the delivery of the formal teaching curriculum for residents at our clinics, including the promotion of innovative learning models.

The Postgraduate Program Directors collaborate with residents, preceptors, clinic leadership, and DFM resources to foster healthy resident integration to the clinics and a supportive learning environment.  The Directors also work extensively with the Unit Postgraduate Coordinators to carry out all of these duties.  Other responsibilities include overseeing the selection, orientation, scheduling, and evaluation of residents that are part of our clinic.

  • Civic Unit Program Director – Dr. Michael Malek –
  • Riverside Unit Program Director – Dr. Shauna Bassel –

Postgraduate Coordinators

The role of the Postgraduate Coordinator involves facilitating and providing support to residents throughout their academic curriculum and working collaboratively with other postgraduate services to ensure an efficient and well organized rotation.

Responsibilities include preparing and integrating a number of detailed unit-based schedules as well as working closely with the Unit Postgraduate Program Director and clinic leadership to create yearly templates to ensure a balance of medical professionals in the clinic while representing the interests of the Academic Program. Other responsibilities include tracking and approving resident leave requests as well as implementing policies and guidelines for residents as they pertain to the Academic Program.

Last updated on: July 15th, 2022