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Supportive and Palliative Care is not only for those who are at the end of life or have advanced disease. Many people who are receiving treatment to control or even cure their disease may benefit from supportive and palliative care services. Our focus is on helping improve your quality of life by managing distressing symptoms related to your cancer journey. Our team takes an inter‐professional approach to care, which better enables us to help you manage complex symptoms, as well as psychosocial, practical and spiritual issues.  Our palliative care professionals can assist you in discussing goals of care and advance care planning, as well as provide grief and bereavement support. Our program has a wide variety of services available not only to you, but to your family and loved ones. We will collaborate with colleagues across the region to provide you with seamless care close to home. You may access our services at any age, or stage of illness.

Our Services

  • Comprehensive pain and symptom management services for patients admitted to The Ottawa Hospital (General and Civic Campuses) and patients seen at The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre at both the General campus site and at the Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre at the Queensway Carleton Hospital
  • Specialized management of possible complications of cancer and its treatments: including fluid around the lungs and in the abdomen (Chronic Ascites and Recurrent Effusion)
  • Psychosocial, emotional, spiritual and practical support for patients and their families when referred to one of our services
  • Complex planning and coordination of necessary resources for support in the home and other community settings
  • Support and advice for advance care planning and difficult end of life decision-making
  • Comfort and supportive care for patients at the end of life
  • Facilitation of transition to alternate settings of care ensuring appropriate supports for advanced stage of illness and / or end of life such as: palliative care units, hospices, retirement homes, and long-term care facilities.
  • Link patients to other health care providers and agencies providing Supportive and Palliative Care throughout the Champlain region or elsewhere in the province
  • Provides Information and education related to Palliative Care for care providers, health care professionals, patients and families.


The Ottawa Hospital conducts research to better understand palliative care needs and improve care and treatment options. Learn more about our palliative care research (opens in a new tab), including study results and opportunities to participate in research.

Our Team

The Ottawa Hospital Supportive and Palliative Care team consists of specialist physicians, an advanced practice nurse, a palliative care nurse specialist, nurse consultants, social workers, management support and secretaries. All our team members have specialized training in supportive and palliative care. Our team can provide you with multidisciplinary specialist advice in the hospital or outpatient setting to support or facilitate the care provided by your family physician or family health team. Our team will continue to check in with you until the issues that have referred you to us have stabilized. Our focus is to provide compassionate care for you and your family.

How to book an appointment

You can be referred to any of our programs by a healthcare provider. Please do not hesitate to request a referral if you think you may benefit from our services.

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For additional patient information and resources, please visit our Patient Information Portal.

Contact for general inquiries: 613-737-8899 ext 78940

Last updated on: November 22nd, 2021