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The Augmentative Communication and Writing Service (ACWS) provides augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) services to adults with physical disabilities. AAC refers to a collection of communicative strategies and technologies that support individuals who cannot communicate effectively using natural speech or through writing.

These can include non-verbal communication techniques such as facial expression, eye gaze and gestures, as well as other systems/devices, such as:

  • Picture/symbol/word communication displays
  • Electronic devices that produce a synthetic or digitized voice
  • Adapted computer systems

Our Services

Our dedicated team assesses and matches an individual’s needs and abilities to an AAC system and helps obtain and sets up any recommended equipment.

As an expanded-level AAC clinic designated by the Assistive Devices Program (ADP), we can prescribe a range of AAC devices and obtain funding through ADP for lease or purchase as appropriate.

Equipment trials and continued team support are also provided.

Our Team

The ACWS team combines knowledgeable and skilled professionals from a number of disciplines, including:

  • Speech-language pathology
  • Occupational therapy
  • Rehabilitation engineering

Making an Appointment

We serve to patients 18 years of age or older with acquired and congenital physical disabilities whose:

  • Natural speech does not meet their daily needs (little or no speech/difficult to understand speech) who require assistance with face-to-face communication
  • Ability to write is compromised, affecting the patient’s daily activity

As a service of The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre (TOHRC), ACWS accepts referrals from any of the physiatrists at the centre. Family physicians may also refer but a physiatrist consultation is required. A screening form will also need to be filled out.

Contact Us

For further information, please contact:
The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre
505 Smyth Rd. Ottawa, ON, K1H 8M2
Tel.: 613-737-7350 ext. 78254

Last updated on: December 2nd, 2016