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The psychologist and psychology staff are available to assist you and your family in adapting to the physical, emotional and cognitive changes often related to disability and chronic illness. Rehabilitation psychology and neuropsychology assessment and treatment can help you deal with difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, pain or changes in memory and thinking.

  • As the mental health profession within TOHRC, the Psychology provides assessment, individual and group treatment, as well as consultation to inpatients and outpatients.
  • Our clinical services are focused on your functional needs, including:
  • Working with you and the team to identify and understand your rehabilitation goals.
  • Assessment to help you understand the nature of your disability, and the potential assets, strengths and challenges to your rehabilitation progress and the best possible outcome. For example, anxiety and depression are common reactions to chronic illness and physical disability. Cognitive (attention, memory and reasoning) changes as a result of injury or illness can also occur and need to be factored into your rehabilitation planning and participation in treatment.
  • Psychological intervention or therapy is focuses on rehabilitation progress, adaptation and adjustment.
  • Education, in either individual and group treatment formats, may also be available to inpatients and outpatients.
  • In summary, Psychology staff serve both you and your rehabilitation team. Consultation assists your team in their planning your rehabilitation to the best outcome.

Teaching and Training

Psychology provides training placements to University of Ottawa Clinical Psychology students as well as students from other accredited Clinical Psychology programs. TOH Psychology department has nationally accredited Psychology Residency programs and Psychology Residents are actively involved in providing clinical care at TOHRC.  As part of an academic health-care centre, Psychology fosters and maintains close relationships with local universities, particularly the University of Ottawa. All psychologists are Clinical Professors in the School of Psychology and many are members of the Faculty of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies.

Clinical Research

Psychology contributes to interdisciplinary research projects as well as ongoing program development and evaluation initiatives at TOHRC. Psychology staff members hold research awards, grants and affiliations with clinicians and researchers at the University of Ottawa and universities across Canada.

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