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Psychology has a long tradition at The Ottawa Hospital within both the General and Civic Campuses and at The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre. Because of their distinct histories, the organization of psychology has evolved differently within the sites of the now larger Hospital.

General Campus and Civic Campus

At the General and Civic campuses, Psychology is an independent service organized into three service delivery areas sections : Mental Health, Health Psychology, and Neuropsychology. In practice, these sections are interrelated components of psychological service provision and training.

In addition, Psychology maintains active research programs and collaborates on a number of multidisciplinary research projects.

The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre

The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre offers services to adults and seniors who have a chronic illness or physical disability requiring rehabilitation. The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre has 66 inpatient beds and extensive outpatient services, offered in English and French to both individuals and families.

Clinical services are offered across three Clinical Care Streams: Neurocognitive, Neuromuscular and Locomotor which are designed to be oriented towards functional needs. The main populations served on the Neurocognitive Care Stream have acquired brain injuries. Those seen on the Neuromuscular service include patients with spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and spina bifida. The Locomotor Care Stream serves individuals with amputations, chronic pain, respiratory disorders, and multiple traumas.

All services at The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre are provided by interdisciplinary teams and the Centre is organized according to on a program management model. Each of the 3 clinical Care Streams has an interdisciplinary team with at least one member from Psychology. As the mental health profession within The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre, Psychology provides assessment, individual and group treatment, and consultation to inpatients and outpatients. Psychology also contributes to interdisciplinary research projects and as well as ongoing program development and evaluation initiatives.

Psychology Staff

Psychology staff at The Ottawa Hospital includes 38 psychologists (33 full-time and 5 part-time), two psychological associates and three psychometrists (two part-time). In addition there are post-doctoral fellows affiliated with the department. Staff are represented by the Chief of Psychology and despite different locales and diverse Services, staff maintain cohesion through training activities, research, meetings, shared rounds, and social functions. The Training Committee consists of seven members and is representative of the psychology training opportunities and sites at The Ottawa Hospital.

The Ottawa Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital is a bilingual, 950-bed tertiary acute care facility in the nation’s capital. As a nationally recognized academic health sciences facility, the hospital offers a range of inpatient and outpatient health-care services to adults. Services are offered at the Riverside, Civic and General Campuses where the Rehabilitation Centre is also located. The General Campus is a site interconnected with the University of Ottawa Health Sciences Centre and Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Adjacent to this complex is the National Defence Medical Centre. As a teaching hospital, education, training and research are part of The Ottawa Hospital’s mandate.

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Last updated on: December 15th, 2016