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Deboer Twins

Congratulations on your multiple pregnancy!

You are embarking on a great adventure that occurs in only about 3 % of all pregnancies. The High-Risk Multiples Clinic at The Ottawa Hospital General Campus is pleased to support you along with this journey with up-to-date information about your health and your babies’ health. Our team of specialized physicians, nurses and allied health professionals (such as social workers, psychologists, dietitians and ultrasound sonographers) is committed to helping you navigate the challenges of a multiple pregnancy, from the first trimester through delivery and early post-partum. There is a lot to learn and we hope this educational site will help you as you prepare to welcome two, three or more babies into your family.

Expecting multiples is likely both exciting and daunting. There are logistical issues in bringing home more than one baby at a time. After delivery, there is need for special resources and equipment, such as special cribs, strollers, car seats, as well as extra helpers to feed and care for multiple babies. At the front end of the pregnancy, many factors will influence maternal and fetal outcomes, the frequency of your medical appointments, what investigations you will require and even where and when you will deliver your babies. These considerations include how many babies are expected (twins, triplets, more), and what type of multiple pregnancy you are carrying, monochorionic or dichorionic twins. (see section on Types of Twinning)

We have designed this site to answer the many questions you and your partner may have about your special pregnancy and how to ensure the best possible outcome for your babies. We will provide some general information about multiple pregnancy that every prospective parent of multiples should know, advise you on what to expect during each visit with your doctor and the High-Risk Pregnancy team in each trimester, and provide additional resources to assist you in preparing for this exciting chapter in your lives.

Last updated on: April 29th, 2021