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Each stage of your pregnancy will bring new, exciting and potentially confusing elements into your life. We’re here to help you at each step. Learn more about what to expect in each trimester of your multiple pregnancy.

Your first clinic visit

Pregnant woman talking to a doctor Your obstetric care provider has referred you to our specialized clinic due to the nature of your pregnancy. Not all expectant mothers carrying twins are referred to us. Some unique risks arise only in certain multiple pregnancies, depending on how they were conceived, i.e. by fertilization of just one egg (monozygotic twins) or two (dizygotic twins) or three, as in the case of triplets. This distinction occurs right at conception, long before pregnancy is detected, and is not under anyone’s control. Even doctors cannot determine what kind of twins you are carrying until the first ultrasound in the first trimester. The majority of twins we care for arise from just one fertilized egg. One of our primary care objectives is to screen throughout pregnancy for any unique twin conditions that can arise in this type of multiple pregnancy. We also care for twins arising from fertilization of two separate eggs, dizygotic twins if there are any maternal or fetal problems. Finally, we also care for all multiple pregnancies with three or more babies expected.

When you are referred to us, your doctor sends some information about your pregnancy to our Nurse Coordinator, including your Ontario Antenatal Record, which chronicles information regarding pregnancy dating (last period, any previous ultrasounds, your medical, surgical and family history) and results of your routine screening bloodwork. Once your information is reviewed with a physician, we schedule you for an appointment at the Multiples Clinic on a Wednesday.

On the day of your visit, you will usually have an ultrasound just prior to your appointment. This serves to provide the physician with up-to-date information on the size and general health of your babies before meeting with you. When you arrive, a nurse will go over your history, and enquire about general questions you might have. The nurse is a tremendous teaching resource and can provide a lot of valuable information about pregnancy. She will conduct a preliminary assessment of your blood pressure and weight and test your urine.

In the examination room, you will be seen by a member of our house staff. These are medical residents who are on the journey to become doctors, specialists or sub-specialists. The resident will identify themselves and their level of training. A resident’s job is to learn about multiple pregnancy from you, and residents highly value their interaction with our patients. As with all of our care providers, they will treat you with respect and confidentiality. They will communicate any concerns you raise to the attending physician, who will then come to see you.

Your first visit with us is likely to be the longest, to ensure that we take the time to address your concerns and counsel you appropriately. Our job is to ensure you are well informed and have a good sense of what to expect in terms of the frequency and nature of clinic visits, ultrasounds and decision points.

Last updated on: May 21st, 2021