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Home Dialysis Program

Dr. Brendan Mccormick, Medical Director
Marie Casey, Clinical Manager


The Home Dialysis Program at the Ottawa Hospital is one of the largest home dialysis programs in North America.  We provide training and support to patients and families choosing home peritoneal dialysis and home hemodialysis. Currently, there are more than 220 patients receiving home dialysis.  The Home Dialysis team consists of nephrologists, nurses, dieticians and social workers.  Each patient has a personal nursing case manager and many patients receive daily community nursing visits.    Supporting independence is an approach supported by all members of our home dialysis health-care team. Independence and self-management are associated with improvements in quality of life for both types of home dialysis options. Most patients, whether they are receiving peritoneal or hemodialysis at home find they require fewer dietary or fluid restrictions and far less travel to a facility for treatment visits

The most common form of dialysis performed at home is peritoneal dialysis. This form of dialysis is done by infusing special fluid in the abdomen through an abdominal catheter. This cleans the blood of toxins for patients whose kidneys have failed, and allows for fluid removal. Peritoneal dialysis is as effective as hemodialysis, and can easily be done at home by the patients and/or their family members. The portability of peritoneal dialysis is ideal for travel and visits to the cottage.

Home hemodialysis is performed by the patient at home with their own personal hemodialysis machine.  It offers some important benefits compared to conventional hemodialysis (3 times per week for 4 hours in a facility). Treatments can be tailored to better meet patient’s needs and schedules. For some, hemodialysis treatment during the night while sleeping can lessen disruptions during the day. For others having a short daily treatment several days a week fits better within their schedule. The more frequent and/or longer hemodialysis options that are available to patients at home are associated with improvements in blood pressure, heart structure and function.

Our Home Dialysis Program is very active in patient focused medical research.  There are a variety of ongoing medical studies that our patients may choose to participate in.  In addition, we attract nephrologists from around the world who come to Ottawa to receive specialized training in home dialysis.

For more information about the TOH Home Dialysis Program call us at 613 738 8400 ext. 88193.

Last updated on: January 24th, 2019