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In-Centre Hemodialysis

Dr. Pierre Antoine Brown, Medical Director
Karen Gorle, Clinical Manager, General Campus
Marie Casey, Clinical Manager, Riverside Campus
Vanessa McDonald, Clinical Manager, Civic Campus


Hemodialysis is a process that filters and cleans the blood of toxins for patients whose kidneys have failed. Most patients on hemodialysis come for treatment three times a week for an average of four hours per treatment.

Hemodialysis services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the Civic and General Campuses. Another outpatient hemodialysis unit is also found at the Riverside Campus. The program is committed to meeting the special needs of patients with end stage renal disease as well as patients with kidney, fluid, and / or electrolyte problems.

Currently, there are more than 650 patients in our chronic hemodialysis program, and over 200 patients on chronic home dialysis, including peritoneal dialysis and home hemodialysis. Through the Home Dialysis Program, daily and nocturnal hemodialysis is offered. The hemodialysis unit at the General Campus also offers in-centre nocturnal hemodialysis.

Five satellite hemodialysis in the region allow us to provide hemodialysis access to our patients in the communities where they live. These units are located in Bruyère Continuing Care, Cornwall, Hawkesbury, Queensway-Carleton Hospital and Winchester. Patients treated at the satellites can be assured the same care that they would receive at the three main hospital units.

Members of division of Nephrology are involved in research studies of newer and different types of hemodialysis care.

Making an Appointment

There are three hemodialysis or kidney dialysis units within The Ottawa Hospital.

The units at the General and Civic Campuses provide treatment to inpatients and outpatients who have kidney failure and require hemodialysis.

The unit at the Riverside Campus, as well as the 5 satellite hemodialysis units treats stable outpatients.

Civic Campus: (E6 Unit) 613-761-4946

  • Mon – Sat 6:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.

General Campus: (AKU Unit) 613-737-8194

Riverside Campus: (RKU Unit, lower level) 613-738-8400 x 82221

  • Mon – Sat 6:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.

In-centre Nocturnal Hemodialysis

Dr. Ann Bugeja, Medical Director


The In-centre Nocturnal Hemodialysis program offers hemodialysis overnight in the hospital.  It provides flexibility for those who benefit from longer dialysis and appreciate having their days and weekend free from dialysis.

Last updated on: November 8th, 2017