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The Ottawa Hospital’s Hyperbaric Medicine Unit is the only hospital-based hyperbaric unit in Eastern Ontario. Our dual-place chamber is used to provide both routine and emergency treatments.

Hyperbaric treatment is treatment under increased air pressure. This unique treatment is achieved by compressing the air in a special pressure-proof, cylindrical steel chamber. Our chamber is referred to as a dual place chamber. Two patients can be treated at one time.  Our unit is staffed with respiratory therapists and physicians. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment involves breathing 100% oxygen inside a hood while under increased pressure. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is meant to complement other treatment modalities, such as surgery, antibiotic therapy etc.

Our Team

Rotation of Physicians

Calvin Thompson (HMU medical director)

Peter Duffy

Stephane Moffett

Sylvain Boet

Christopher Wherrett

Sylvain Gagne

Laurie Mclean

Respiratory Therapy and HMU Practice leader and HMU Safety Director

Sylvie Bourbonnais RRT, CHT

Respiratory Therapy and Cardiopulmonary Professional Practice Manager

Brigitte Cossette RRT

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Last updated on: May 12th, 2023