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Excellence, Vigilance and Caring… as Patients Progress through Surgery

 Department Sites:
The Ottawa Hospital
– Civic Campus
– General Campus
– Riverside Campus
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Residency Program Training
Fellowship Program Training
Undergraduate Anesthesiology Program
Anesthesiology Research

Contact Us:
Anna Hwang, Executive Director
Fax: (613)761-5209

Mailing Address:
The Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus,
Department of Anesthesiology
Room B307, 1053 Carling Avenue,
Mail Stop 249
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1Y 4E9
Tel (613)761-4169
Fax (613)761-5209 (Department Office)

The Ottawa Hospital, General Campus,
Department of Anesthesiology
501 Smyth Rd,

Critical Care Wing 1401
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1H 8L6
Tel (613)737-8187
Fax (613)737-8189

The Department of Anesthesiology at the Ottawa Hospital is a vibrant community of physicians, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals, and support staff, dedicated to deliver the best patient care through the practice of Anesthesiology and Peri-Operative Medicine.

We provide a broad range of Perioperative Services in The Ottawa Hospital. You will find us caring after patients on the Birthing Unit, the maternity wards, and the Pre-Admissions Unit. You will also find us in the Operating Room and the recovery room immediately after surgery (PACU). We are there looking after postoperative pain on the surgery wards. We see patients in chronic pain clinics. For complex cancer patients, we maintain the Complex Cancer Pain Clinic jointly with Palliative Care. You will find us in the Intensive Care Units, the Hyperbaric Unit, and we administer anesthesia care in remote locations in endoscopy and in radiology suites. We see you through your most critical times.

We strive to maintain the highest Academic Standards in our everyday practice. We train future Anesthesiologists through our affiliation with the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine. We are an active participant in the Undergraduate Program at the Medical School. Although already highly regarded by Canadian Anesthesiology residents and consultants, our residency program continues to strive to further improve the education of our residents. The subspecialty fellowships offered by our Department are highly sought after: the focus is always on the education of our fellows. Visit the respective websites:  and

The Ottawa Hospital Department spans several Campuses; the University of Ottawa Department, in addition to The Ottawa Hospital, also includes the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Please visit our Department website to obtain more information.

We are striving to improve our practice by engaging in active research in Anesthesiology, with special focus on care after elderly patients including perioperative cardiovascular and perioperative neurological research, improved pain control and prevention of chronic pain, and innovations in patient safety and education using Simulation.

We are proud to be actively involved in the collaboration between The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa – The University of Ottawa Skills and Simulation Centre (uOSSC), the largest Clinical Simulation Facilities in Canada. Visit us  at

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Last updated on: January 23rd, 2023