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The Board of Governors of The Ottawa Hospital holds meetings in public throughout the year. Based on guidance to reduce gatherings and meetings, the public Board of Governors Meetings in April and June are cancelled.

Dates of Public Meetings prior to 2016 have been archived. Please send your request to

  • Public meetings of the Board of Governors are conducted in English and French.
  • Interpretation services can be provided.  (Tel: 613-761-4867 /
  • Information about public board meetings is posted on The Ottawa Hospital Web site.

Minutes of Public Board Meetings

Minutes of public board meetings are posted on The Ottawa Hospital website in English and French, once approved by the Board of Governors.

Public Participation

Public board meetings follow an approved agenda subject to the direction of the Chair of the Board at each meeting. The Board of Governors welcomes input from members of the public. Individuals wishing to bring matters to the attention of the Board should do so by writing to:

The Office of the Chair of the Board of Governors
Civic Campus
1053 Carling Avenue, Box 100
Tel: 613-761-4867

Last updated on: October 6th, 2020