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How to cope with grief

Grief is a painful but natural process that helps us deal with loss. Although grief can present itself in many different ways, understanding the symptoms of grief, the grief process, and when to seek help for grief can help make dealing with grief a little easier.

Linda Ferro
Fresh air and gardens improve mental health: natural remedies for patients and staff

Extensive research consistently finds positive connections between mental health, experiencing nature and taking breaks outdoors. That’s why The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus will have space for gardens, walking paths and contemplative areas – for patients and staff.

Living with endometriosis: Why painful periods are not normal

Endometriosis is an often-misunderstood disorder that can cause women unbearable pain during their periods. Dr. Sony Singh and his team want to raise awareness among women, help health-care teams identify the disorder sooner, and improve patient outcomes.

image of Technostress client
Are you technostressed or technosavvy? 6 tips to balance techno-perils and techno-pleasures

Technostress can interfere with your daily activities or relationships. If you feel that’s happening to you, your coping system may need the free upgrade recommended by two psychologists at The Ottawa Hospital.

YIMC_Nursing Early Pregnancy
Early pregnancy loss program helps patients heal and move forward

Early pregnancy loss – the most common complication in the early months of pregnancy– can be traumatic and have long-lasting effects on a woman and her family. Receiving treatment in the obstetrics unit, surrounded by new moms who have just given birth, can make healing from the loss even more difficult.

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