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To protect our patients, staff and care providers, the hospital is only able to accept certain items for delivery to patients who are staying in hospital.


  • We are happy to accept clean personal items that can be easily disinfected: toiletries, freshly laundered clothing, electronic devices, medications.

Not accepted

  • We do NOT accept food.
  • We do NOT accept anything that can’t be cleaned: suitcases, books, newspapers, magazines.

Other guidelines

  • Items must be cleaned at the units.
  • Items will be individually placed into a delivery bag (approved by The Ottawa Hospital) at the entrance to ensure they meet these guidelines. The bag will be labelled and stored at the entrance for periodic delivery by Transportation Workers. 


  • Mental Health units only accept electronics and medications.
  • Labour & Delivery will send a staff member down to collect a one-time delivery of a food for a pregnant mom.

Good Wishes

Want to let someone know you are thinking of them while they are in hospital? You can send them a message through Good Wishes!  

Last updated on: May 7th, 2020