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Spirituality is a life force that promotes hope, encourages healing, helps us to embrace others and enables us to experience transcendence. Spirituality is an integrated process. It is expressed in the attitudes, beliefs and religious practices that influence people’s lives.

​​​​​​Spirituality is an integral component​t of healing. It is a source of strength in the presence of distress. It is at the heart of our well-being and enriches all aspects of our life: physical, mental, emotional and relational.

A spiritual care practitioner talks to a patient

We help patients and families who are faced with:

  • An illness or a new diagnosis
  • Grief, loss, bereavement ​
  • End-of-life ​​
  • Spiritual and emotional distress
  • A crisis situation
  • A lack of family sup​port
  • The need for spiritual psycho​therapy or​ counselling
  • The desire for prayers an​​d rituals
  • ​Distress due to transition process​​​​
  • ​​Lack of purpose that gives meaning​​ to life​​

If you find yourself asking these questions, consider contacting Spiritual Care Services:

  • Do I want my spirituality or religious beliefs to be included in my health care?
  • Would I like to receive a specific ritual, religious rite or sacred text?
  • Do I feel lonely, sad or stressed and want to talk with someone?
  • Am I afraid of dying or leaving my loved ones?
  • Am I wrestling with a medical or ethical decision related to my values and beliefs?
  • Am I looking for someone to listen to me in a safe and non-judgmental environment?
  • Am I struggling with self-blame, guilt and forgiveness?
  • Do I need help finding ways to cope with my situation?

A spiritual care practitioner reads to a patient

If you have answered “Yes” to one or more of these statements, and  would like to discuss this with a Spiritual Care Practitioner, please contac​​t us​.

Last updated on: February 10th, 2022