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We offer bedside phones, in-room TVs, and wireless internet (wifi). To access these services, or to report a problem, talk to a member of your patient care team.

Local calls: To make a local call, dial “9”, then the area code, then the number.

Long-distance calls: To make a long-distance call, dial “333” to reach the operator.

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Bedside shift report

The nurses caring for you will report to each other at your bedside when they change from one shift to another. They will exchange information about your care in front of you. You can be a part of the report, if you want. Please ask questions or give information to the nurses at this time.

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Hourly rounding

A nurse will come to your bedside about once every hour to see if you are comfortable, ask about your pain, and help you move or change position. The nurse will make sure you can reach your phone, bedside table, call bell and any other items you need. If you need help between these hourly visits, please use your call bell.

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Care boards

The whiteboard on the wall near your bed is a communication tool for you, your family and your care team. Nurses will update your care board at the change of shift and as needed. You or your family can also leave notes for your care team on the care board.

If it is hard to reach, please use the notes section in this Patient and Family Care Guide instead and then discuss with your nurse during hourly rounding.

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Fire and electrical safety

Please do not bring items with frayed or broken cords, or items that do not work properly, to the hospital. Ask a member of your patient care team if you should bring certain electrical equipment with you.

As part of our focus on safety, we test our fire alarm system regularly. If you hear the fire alarm, please go back to your room if you can and do not use the elevators. If you don’t know what to do, ask any staff member.

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Good wishes form

Would you like to send good wishes to a loved one staying at The Ottawa Hospital? We can deliver messages to inpatients at our General and Civic campuses. You can find the Good wishes form on The Ottawa Hospital website.

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Valuables/lost and found

The hospital is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables. It is best to leave your valuables at home.

Found items are turned in to Security. If you have lost something, please talk to a member of your patient care team, or call Security.

Phone: 613-761-4888

Last updated on: February 11th, 2021