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The Ottawa Hospital provides patients and their families with access to:

  • Reliable information on a variety of health, wellness and medical topics;
  • The Cancer Patient Education Calendar – A schedule of patient education sessions, workshops, information sessions, support group meetings and classes for cancer patients and their families and caregivers.
  • Clinical Pathways for Patients and Patient Education Booklets – A clinical pathway is a printed guideline to usual care provided for a patient having a certain procedure done or a patient who has a certain illness. Since all patients are unique, everyone’s care will be customized to meet their needs while keeping the guidelines in mind.
  • Patient Decision Aids – Patient decision aids are tools that help people become involved in decision making by making explicit the decision that needs to be made, providing information about the options and outcomes, and by clarifying personal values. They are designed to complement, rather than replace, counseling from a health practitioner.
  • Computers with Internet connections;

Last updated on: December 14th, 2016