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Update: The search for a new site for your Civic Campus

February 10, 2016 – The Ottawa Hospital, in 2008, submitted its Master Plan, approved by the Champlain LHIN Board, to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.  Our plan included a new Civic hospital campus to meet the long-term needs of our community in Ottawa and in Eastern Ontario.

Our goal was to ensure that our patients would continue to receive the highest quality, safe and accessible care well into the 21stcentury.  The Civic campus is one of Canada’s largest trauma centres. We provide acute emergency care to the most complex and critically ill patients in the region.

To ensure fast and reliable access, it must be located close to the city core, major roads and highways, and essentially, to the Queensway.  After a review of all possibilities known to us, a new campus across from the current site would best meet our goals and the healthcare requirements for our community.

Eight years have now passed, and we’ve listened to those in our community who have asked that we study and re-confirm that that choice still remains the best option. As a result, we will review it, and conduct the appropriate due diligence to confirm that the recommended site remains the best option. We will also study whether new options might have become available. We are working with the federal government, the province and the city to see whether such options, close to the downtown core, might be feasible.

We will conduct this review in consultation with our stakeholders and our government partners. And we will get this right, as our new campus will be serving our community for generations to come.

Dr Jack Kitts, Chief Executive Officer,  The Ottawa Hospital