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The Ottawa Hospital – Salary disclosure for 2012

March 28, 2013 – The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) today released its annual salary disclosure for employees earning more than $100,000 per year. The list includes 368 employees – 28 fewer people than last year – and represents 3.4 percent of staff at the hospital.

Approximately two thirds of the individuals on the list are frontline health-care providers including nurses, pathologists, psychologists, physicists, scientists, pharmacists and other health professionals.

One third of this list is composed of management (vice-presidents, clinical directors, medical directors, directors and managers), most of whom perform clinical roles. The Ottawa Hospital takes great care to ensure its staff is compensated appropriately for their leadership roles and determines compensation through a comparative analysis of our peer hospitals. The Ottawa Hospital is well within the provincial average compared to similar academic centres in Ontario such as Hamilton Health Sciences, London Health Sciences Centre, Mount Sinai Hospital, St. Michael’s Hospital, Sunnybrook and University Health Network. As Executive compensation at TOH has been frozen since 2009, it remains the same for 2012.

Despite leading Ontario’s largest hospital, TOH’s CEO has a salary that is within the average when compared to CEOs of other academic health centres. As TOH’s mandate includes clinical research and education, it calls for a strong administrative leader with a clinical background. TOH is proud to note that under our CEO’s leadership, we have balanced 11 consecutive budgets, secured over $1 billion in capital investments, and achieved consistent improvements in the quality of care we provide to patients across Eastern Ontario.

Dr. Kitts’ salary is established by the Board of Governors based on a salary survey and report by a third-party expert in the field. A quarter of his compensation is at risk based on performance indicators monitored closely by the Board.

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