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Surgeries at The Ottawa Hospital

The province of Ontario has rolled out the first stage of the reopening framework, set to begin on Tuesday, May 19. This includes ramping up of scheduled surgeries.

Surgeries continue to take place in hospitals, as determined by urgent need. Care teams maintain contact with their patients to monitor their conditions and provide virtual care where needed. If the condition of anyone waiting for these procedures and surgeries has changed over this time, we encourage them to contact their primary care provider for assessment.

Hospitals in the region are reviewing the directive given by the province last week, and working together to develop a medical framework that creates a fair process guided by principles and ethics, and resumes scheduled surgeries and procedures in the right way, at the right time. Hospitals will ensure that criteria set out by the government are met in the region as a whole.

The past two months have seen unprecedented changes to our health-care system. As we work together across the region to resume services, our priority is to have scheduled and elective surgeries resume in an environment that is ready to provide excellent and compassionate care for all, and remains ready to deal with ongoing impacts of COVID-19 throughout our health system.

If residents are in need of urgent care, we encourage them to come to our Emergency Departments. It is safe and we are here to care for you.