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Patient Satisfaction at The Ottawa Hospital

May 7, 2014 – More than nine out of 10 inpatients at The Ottawa Hospital rate their experience as positive, according to a newly released report that tracks patient satisfaction.

When patients were asked to evaluate their overall satisfaction with the care they received during their hospital stay, 96.1 percent indicated they had a positive experience, according to the newly released National Research Corporation Canada report.

The ranking puts TOH in the 76th percentile among the 16 Ontario teaching hospitals. The top-10 percent performers in this category had scores of 97.5 percent or higher.

Furthermore, 84.2 percent of patients indicated they would recommend TOH to their friends and family, putting the hospital in the 85th percentile among other Ontario academic health centres. The top 10 percent hospitals in this category had scores of 97 percent or higher.

“We are working hard to improve the way our physicians, nurses, support staff and other health professionals communicate with our patients, which is what is most important in shaping the experience of their hospital stay,” said Dr. James Worthington, Executive Vice-President of Medical Affairs, Quality and Performance.

The report is based on surveys of patients who stayed at the hospital between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2013.

Acute inpatient care

The Ottawa Hospital

90th percentile*

Overall rating of care (% positive)

96.1% (76th percentile)


Would recommend (%positive)

84.2% (85th percentile)


*Percentiles can be used to compare or rank a hospital’s performance among a larger grouping within a given timeframe
(e.g., all participating Ontario facilities, fiscal year 2012-13).

The full report, Patient Ratings of Overall Care and Likelihood to Recommend Ontario Hospitals, can be found here.

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