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Notice for staff and patients about Ottawa protests and getting to our hospitals

It is anticipated that protests will continue into Monday, January 31 and possibly further into the week. This is having an impact on people trying to get to our campuses. For patients and staff coming to The Ottawa Hospital this week, here is some helpful information:

  • The status of interprovincial bridges continues to change. We will do our best to keep you updated on TOH’s Twitter feed. Other helpful resources are @Ottawa_Traffic and the City of Ottawa on Twitter. Either way, we recommend that staff have their Hospital ID on them when crossing any of the bridges. 
  • Traffic delays are to be expected no matter where you are coming from in the city. Plan accordingly, and allow for some extra commute time. Consult with @Ottawa_Traffic and City of Ottawa for the latest information on traffic, road closures and other logistics that may impact your commute. This is a helpful map that will show you which areas of downtown are most affected. 
  • OC Transo and Para Transpo schedules have been be impacted, particularly those that access the downtown core. Visit OC Transpo’s websitefor more information about detours.
  • For staff, we have a limited number of rooms at the Residence Corporation (Civic campus) for those of you who are working consecutive days and would prefer to stay close to campus. If you are interested, please contact (613)513-5619 anytime on Sunday (day or evening). On Monday and during this week, staff can also contact to make arrangements.