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Fewer deaths, more lives saved: The Ottawa Hospital is Ontario’s leading “rescue” centre

December 16, 2015 — The Ottawa Hospital outperforms other Ontario learning hospitals for rescuing patients from life-threatening injuries or illnesses, according to a scorecard that tracks the performance of Canadian hospitals.

According to the December update of , published by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the hospital’s  standardized mortality ratio, which measures how often patients that are expected to die are saved, has improved steadily in recent years. The indicator, used internationally as a measure of overall quality, shows that The Ottawa Hospital is now performing better than its Ontario peers, including Sunnybrook, St. Michael’s, University Health Network, London Health Sciences Centre and Hamilton Health Sciences Centre.

The hospital also provides top-notch surgical care when compared to other teaching hospitals. Even though The Ottawa Hospital treats the sickest, most complex and critically injured patients in Eastern Ontario, it has lower mortality rates following major surgery than other Canadian learning hospitals. That means the hospital has a good track record in rescuing patients from illnesses or injuries that would otherwise lead to death.

The Ottawa Hospital welcomes the CIHI findings and uses this scorecard to achieve better quality and efficiency in areas that the report shows need improvement.

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