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Breast Imaging at The Ottawa Hospital

March 28, 2012 Errors in breast cancer screening and follow-up tests have been in the news lately and the fear of misread scans and improper tissue testing can cause anxiety among patients. The Ottawa Hospital has put in place an excellent quality assurance program to ensure that patients receive the safest, highest-quality scans, tests and treatment possible.

In Breast Imaging at The Ottawa Hospital, we monitor the following:

  • total number of mammograms performed and reported (21,505 per year);
  • the total number of breast biopsies performed (2,300 per year); and
  • the results of the breast biopsies (i.e. rate of breast biopsies that indicate breast cancer).

All results of breast biopsies are reviewed by the performing radiologist to ensure the radiology and histology results reach the same conclusion. An additional report is issued for every breast biopsy, once the pathology results are received. A biopsy is repeated if there is any discrepancy.

The expected rate of positive biopsies is 30-40%. Any radiologist that falls outside of this range has an opportunity to review their numbers and have further education on how they can bring their results back to acceptable levels.

The Ottawa Hospital continues to pursue further monitoring procedures that will ensure mammography performance.

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