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The rapid Access Clinic-Low Back pain (RAC LBP formerly ISAEC program) is a provincial initiative, funded by the Ministry of Health, providing an innovative upstream shared-care model of care, in which patients receive rapid access low back pain assessment, education and evidence based self-management treatment plans within 6 weeks of referral.  

Through a decentralized hub and spoke model of delivery we utilise community based advanced practice allied health providers, who have received specialist training, to provide comprehensive assessment, and form collaborative care plans with an emphasis on education and self-management. Patients are stratified based on their symptomatic presentation, risk of chronicity, risk of inflammatory arthritis, and risk of opioid dependence to help determine their plan of care. 

For those patients who require surgical consult, interventional procedures and/or diagnostic imaging, they will be referred to a hospital-based practice lead (Ottawa Hospital: Civic) for further management, who can expedite these pathways.  

Program Aims 

  • Improve access to care and satisfaction for patients with 6 weeks to 12 months low back and/or radicular leg pain
  • Reduce unneccessary referal to a surgeon specialist
  • Reduce unnecssary utilisation of lumbar MRI scans.

Referrals are only accepted from registered primary care providers (Family physicians and nurse practitioners) Please contact for further information.

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Last updated on: August 10th, 2023