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Our Team

Family Doctors

All of our patients have a family doctor, otherwise known as a family physician, at the clinic.  Our family physicians work as a team with other health-care providers to give patients the best possible care.  Family physicians provide clinical leadership to the health-care team and oversee all care, including direct supervision when residents are seeing patients.

Here’s what our family physicians can do for you:

  • Assess and diagnose your health concerns
  • Order tests and prescribe medication when needed
  • Provide treatment and manage your care
  • Teach you about your health conditions and how to take care of yourself
  • Refer you to specialist physicians and other health-care providers when needed

Who are our family physicians?

Civic Clinic

Riverside Clinic

  • Dr. Laura Cummings
  • Dr. Margaret Gluszynski
  • Dr. Michael Malek
  • Dr. Farhad Motamedi
  • Dr. Eoghan O’Shea
  • Dr. Tarun Prashar
  • Dr. Sarah Rice
  • Dr. Taunia Rifai
  • Dr. Leah Smith
  • Dr. Victoria Swan
  • Dr. Jason Trickovic
  • Dr. Anna Wilkinson
  • Dr. Eric Wooltorton
  • Dr. Shauna Bassel
  • Dr. Justine Callahan
  • Dr. Tania Fitzpatrick
  • Dr. Madeleine Montpetit
  • Dr. Oussama Outbih

We also have Physicians Assistants!

In our clinic, we also have a Physician Assistant (PA) who you may see during your appointment. A Physician’s Assistant is an academically prepared and highly skilled health-care professional who can provide a broad range of medical services to you. PAs are physician extenders and not independent practitioners. The PA’s scope of practice is determined on an individual basis and formally outlined in a practice contract or agreement between the supervising physician(s), the PA and the facility where the PA will work. Activities may include conducting patient interviews, histories and physical examinations; performing selected diagnostic and therapeutic interventions or procedures; and counseling patients on preventive health care.

For more information, please visit: the Canadian Association of Physician Assistants.

Last updated on: September 15th, 2023