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Something isn’t right

Are you worried about your son, daughter or friend? Confused by his or her behaviour? Feeling that something isn’t right?

It’s normal to feel scared and confused

Families and friends often feel confused, uncertain and frightened when they see someone they know going through unusual changes. It’s also common for family members to have different perspectives on what’s happening. Psychosis can develop very slowly over a few years, or symptoms can appear quite suddenly—making it easier to spot in some cases than in others.

It’s normal for a person with psychosis to try to hide the problem

To add to the complication, many people with psychosis won’t let anyone know that they’re having symptoms—either because they’re unable to put into words what they’re experiencing or feeling or because they’re scared that those around them are part of a conspiracy they believe is happening. Sometimes asking the person about the strange behaviour you’ve noticed can help both of you understand better what’s going on.

It’s important to get help!

Whatever the situation might be, if someone you care about is experiencing symptoms of psychosis, it’s essential that he or she gets medical care as soon as possible.

Last updated on: November 18th, 2016