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Thoracic Surgery

Welcome to the Department of Surgery, Division of Thoracic Surgery


The General Thoracic Surgery Program of The Ottawa Hospital is consolidated at the General Campus. It began as a specialty program at the Civic Campus in 1983 and separated from Cardiac Surgery in 1985. Consolidation at the General Campus occurred in 2002 as part of The Ottawa Hospital restructuring process.


Since the inception of Thoracic Surgery here at The Ottawa Hospital in the 1960’s our goal has been set up to provide a high standard of “thoracic surgical health care” for patients with serious diseases in the chest. The General Thoracic Surgery Program has been structured to provide care for:

  1. Thoracic malignancies which includes lungs, oesophagus and proximal stomach, mediastinum, chest wall, and pleural space
  2. Benign foregut  diseases which includes diaphragmatic hernia, oesophageal motility disorders, benign oesophageal tumours, and cystic lesions
  3. Congenital anomalies of the tracheobronchial tree and oesophagus in the adult
  4. Chest injuries
  5. Acquired conditions which includes myasthenia gravis, hyperparathyroidism due to mediastinal parathyroid adenoma, and sepsis in the pleural space, mediastinum, chest wall and lungs
  6. Proximal airway diseases
  7. Benign oesophageal diseases requiring oesophageal function assessment
  8. Emphysema requiring lung volume reduction operation

General Thoracic Surgery Program at The Ottawa Hospital has always recognised the importance of multidisciplinary care for the population in Eastern Ontario and now the Champlain LIHN. In order to do  so and provide a high standard of care, as its mandate, the program has empowered assistance from

  1. Thoracic and Gastrointestinal Oncology
  2. Chest Radiology
  3. Thoracic Anaesthesia
  4. Thoracic Pathology
  5. Acute Pain Service
  6. Allied Health Care Personnel
  7. Specialized Nursing Care
  8. Trainees in Thoracic Surgery Residency Program
  9. Otolaryngology
  10. Respirology
  11. Gastroenterology
  12. Critical Care Medicine

Consolidation and The Ottawa Hospital Chest Diseases Centre

The consolidation of the General Thoracic Surgery Program at the General Campus has resulted in creation of this specialty in one geographic location of the hospital named The Chest Diseases Centre in 2010 with all of the following elements:

  1. Inpatient ward looking after three specialties: thoracic, respirology, and otolaryngology
  2. Oesophageal Function Laboratory
  3. Inpatient Observation Unit
  4. Outpatient Clinic for Thoracic and Respirology
  5. Outpatient Cancer Assessment Clinic for fast tracking of new thoracic oncology patients opened in 2007
  6. Conference Room for teaching
  7. Research staff, offices and data management
  8. Offices for thoracic surgeons and respirologists

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Last updated on: May 17th, 2017