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The goal of the Respirology Resident Training Program is to prepare physicians for independent academic and community practice in keeping with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Canadian Medical Education Directions for Specialists (CanMEDS) 2000 Project Guidelines.


The two-year program is designed to qualify trainees for subspecialty certification in Respiratory Medicine in Canada. Trainees receive outstanding clinical exposure and teaching in hospital inpatient, outpatient and community settings.

Months of elective time are offered, and rotations with surgical subspecialties, Critical Care, Radiology, Rehabilitation, Pathology, Oncology, Pediatric Respirology and Community Respirology are easily facilitated in Ottawa or elsewhere.

Basic science or clinical research is encouraged, and a suitable supervisor in the Division of Respirology or other division is assigned to help the process. Protected time is provided for a half-day of formal teaching of the Respirology residents weekly.


Inpatient Ward and Consults
Residents participate in the supervision of junior residents and medical students running the inpatient service at the General Campus of The Ottawa Hospital. They also cover inpatient consults at either the Civic or General campuses in conjunction with staff Respirologists.

Trainees are encouraged to attend General and Subspecialty Respirology clinics in a hospital setting. Subspecialty clinics include adult cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis, pulmonary hypertension and rehabilitation. There are also opportunities to attend General Respirology clinics in a community office setting with members of the Division of Respirology in Ottawa and elsewhere.

Critical Care
Residents rotate through the Intensive Care Unit at the Civic and General campuses and also have the opportunity for Coronary Care Unit and Cardiac Surgery Unit exposure at the Ottawa Heart Institute.

Sleep Medicine
Two months of the training program are dedicated to sleep medicine clinics and participation in the diagnosis and management of patients in the sleep lab. Residents at the end of the training program are generally successful candidates for a further subspecialty program in sleep medicine.

PFT Laboratory
Residents are given comprehensive training in respiratory physiology and application of principles in pulmonary function testing and cardiopulmonary exercise testing. Trainees learn how to perform and interpret tests, and assess quality control of a lab.

Bronchoscopy and Interventional Bronchoscopy
Residents are given ample opportunity to perform bronchoscopy in a supervised setting. Trainees also have unique exposure to advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques (Interventional Bronchoscopy) thanks to the recent addition of trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Trainees spend time at the Rehab Centre, treating patients with chronic lung disease and neuromuscular disease. They learn how to evaluate and manage patients in a pulmonary rehab program.

Join our Training Program

We welcome qualified applicants to join our training program. Please do not hesitate to contact our program director, Dr. Vanessa Luks, via the Administration Office, who would be happy to answer any questions.

Last updated on: February 21st, 2024