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The physiotherapist (PT) is your partner in evaluating and restoring strength, endurance, movement and physical abilities affected by your injury, disease or disability.

  • Physiotherapy is dedicated to restoring, maintaining and maximizing your mobility and strength, utilizing the most up to date best practice.
  • Physiotherapists are qualified to provide assessment, therapeutic, and preventative services aimed at restoring function and preventing disability arising from trauma, disease or injury.
  • Physiotherapists also prescribe personalized therapeutic exercises, education about the body and tips to avoid/prevent bodily harm, all aimed at enhancing your overall well-being.

Our Physiotherapy Team’s Training

Physiotherapists are university graduates of recognized university-based physiotherapy programs and are licensed by the Ontario College of Physiotherapists to practice physiotherapy in Ontario.

Since 2010, new physiotherapists must graduate with an entry-level Master’s degree from a physical therapy program at one of 14 accredited Canadian universities after a minimum of four years undergraduate academic training. In addition, they must complete multiple clinical internships in recognized health-care facilities.

After graduation, the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario requires that candidates pass the Physiotherapy National Examination. If you are interested in pursuing a career in Physiotherapy, please follow the links below to get contact information from a University currently offering a degree in Physiotherapy near you.

Clinical Services

Our PT services include the assessment and treatment of:

  • Pain – we offer group and/or individualized treatment
  • Muscle range of movement and strength – we have up to date universally accessible exercise training equipment
  • Balance – utilizing the latest technology and methods  for assessment and treatment
  • Transfers and Mobility training
  • Walking – utilizing the latest technology including; Virtual Reality and body weight support for assessment and treatment
  • Prosthetic assessment and training (authorized ADP clinic for ????
  • Assistance with the Assistive Devices Program(ADP), which provides support and funding to Ontario residents who have long-term physical disabilities and provides access to personalized assistive devices
  • Cardiovascular/endurance training – we have up to date universally accessible exercise training equipment with expertise in Respiratory rehabilitation

Unique features; Universally accessible exercise training equipment, Virtual Reality training, Body Weight support, Universally accessible therapy pool.

PT Research

Physiotherapists participate in a variety of research and quality improvement projects with in the institution and as members of provincial health- care projects.

Last updated on: December 2nd, 2016