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  • We want to keep your baby safe in the hospital. Your nurse will explain our safety practices when you are admitted to the Mother Baby Unit.
  • We will give you, your baby and your partner or support person matching identification bands. All of you must wear the identification bands while you are at the hospital.  We will also put an infant security bracelet on your baby.
  • All staff members who take care of you and your baby should be wearing an Ottawa Hospital photo ID tag. Please ask them to show you their identification if you aren’t sure what their job is.
  • Never give your baby to anyone not wearing an Ottawa Hospital photo  identification tag or who does not have legitimate reasons to handle your infant
  • Never leave your baby alone.
  • We will teach you how and when to use your call bell and how and when to call for help in an emergency.  Keep room doors open to ensure call bells are heard and answered promptly
  • Ask visitors not to come if they are ill. Limit the number of visitors to 2 per patient between 3-8 pm. No children under 12 years old should visit other than siblings. Visitors must wash their hands prior to handling the baby.
  • Wear appropriate footwear when out of bed to avoid slipping/falls.
  • Avoid cluttering bedside area to ensure safe, easy and quick access to patients.
  • We promote infant safe sleep practices.  Families are asked to make sure their baby is placed on his/her back, to sleep in the cot
  • You are encouraged to be aware of medications that are prescribed and report any  side effects from medications that have been administered
  • You will be  asked to have the nurse check your  infant’s  positioning in the car seat prior to discharge


  • Never give your baby to anyone you don’t know.
  • Never leave your baby alone.

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Last updated on: January 11th, 2017